Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C09. Best Cost-Effective Event

The Quayside (TQS) promotes a sustainable lifestyle among tenants, commuters, and the neighbourhood as part of its place-making mission with ‘Give Lunch a Green Punch’ campaign. Using food and its related waste as a convenient and cost-effective motif, a green journey of food is illustrated through creative initiatives to inspire the audience to rethink their lunch habits from a waste-conscious angle. The journey, presented notably in a pop-up gallery occupying a vacant store and a ready-made green setting in the existing podium garden, is made sustainable with green dishes by F&B tenants, art piece and decorations from upcycled food packaging and materials, urban farming with food composting co-organised with NGO partner, and smart bike to turn excessive calories at lunch into harvestable energy – all rolled into a powerful drive towards a sustainable lifestyle. On a budget of HK$250K, the campaign is well-received with substantial results and vast media coverage.