Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C05. Best Brand Experience - B2C

The Cartier High Jewelry Singapore 2022 campaign aimed to reinforce brand desirability, build relationships with clients and press, and establish a strong presence of the Maison in South East Asia. An exhibition overtaking the Capella Hotel Ballroom was designed under the theme of the collection “Béautes Du Monde”, as a cabinet of curiosities showcasing the Maison extraordinary savoir-faire, with highly visually engaging rooms to maximize social media engagement. Layers of colors, meanings, and shapes were built onto Feng Shui’s traditional Bagua map to create a truly unique exhibition flow interplaying nature and culture. Led by a three-Michelin stars chef, the dinner was held on the stage of Singapore’s Esplanade Theatre, with two high jewelry shows, and a surprise performance by Sister Sledge, the queens of the disco era that became a talking point for all media, creating a tremendous awareness for the Maison in the region.