Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C05. Best Brand Experience - B2C

After COVID pandemic, parents are afraid of taking their kids to public and children lack of creativity development for a long time. Recognize the situation, to give the children a place to re-trigger their creativity through exploring real-life experiences, and inject the technology to enhance experience, “Colokit”- a brand of Thien Long Group – a company providing school stationery in Vietnam has come up with ADVENTURE OF COLORS – The Mega Color Event – the largest family festival in Vietnam ever created by the inspiring Colokit’s message – “Smart colors” which stimulates a child’s developmental senses.
With 6 smart colors, we create a Color Squad of 6 cartoon characters, each has its own personality and talents. These characters lead the children to an immersive, full of surprised adventure to 6 smart color realms inside the playground. Stepping into these realms, children can play with and understand the meaning of smart colors.