Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C32. Best Trade Show/Exhibition/Conference

InnoTech Expo showcased China and Hong Kong’s innovation and technological advancements, featuring 50 national exhibits and 25 research achievements. With the theme “Innovation and Technology Leads the Future”, the Expo aimed to nurture the public about the importance of science, innovation, and technology.

The Expo was a profound success, attracting 103,000+ visitors in 11 days, and receiving positive feedback from attendees and stakeholders. 60,000+ students from 800+ schools visited the Expo. 1,000+ government departments, institutions, communities, academic sectors, political and business entities supported and participated.1,000+ communities and partners attended various activities and guided tours. There were 120 speakers who delivered numerous topics through 100+ seminars and workshops. A record of 35,000 visitors participated the two-day Family Fun Day event. 100+ science movies and animations were shown through the Expo.

The expo has generated extensive coverage. The post-visit survey suggested 90%+ of respondents would come back to the next Expo.