Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C31. Best Sustainability

The Moonlight NEONade campaign at Temple Mall offers a unique opportunity to explore Hong Kong’s cultural heritage and support traditional artisans by promoting sustainable development. With the alluring and entrancing theme of “neon lights”, this campaign shines a light on Hong Kong’s vivid cityscape – it draws attention not only through its dazzling installations like the 2-metre large festive neon moon installation but also engaged local artisans in promoting sustainable development. Joining forces with Streetsignhk and renowned craftsman Master Wu Chi-kai alongside emerging artist Jive Lau from Kowlooneon gave voice to these collective recollections – inspiring our younger generation by keeping tradition alive through modern illumination. By leveraging iconic imagery, Temple Mall creates an event experience rooted in nostalgia while inspiring appreciation for local culture and artisanal practices.