In Taiwan, the global chicken restaurant brand KFC faces a dilemma. The “egg tart” on its side dish menu actually outshines its core business – fried chicken – and people often joke that the brand is an “egg tart” specialty store, which just happens to sell fried chicken.

KFC Taiwan planned to launch its premium dessert product line – K-Dessert- by introducing its very first “Cranberry Tart”.
The new product campaign was carried out strategically by the PR agency in two phases:
Teaser phase: Releasing “parting with Egg tart” note on media invitation and brand’s official FB page. The brand’s social volume reached record high after teaser post released and create internet buzz and turn into social sensation.
Launch phase: the PR agency leveraged this internet attention, and by officially introducing the new product, turn internet volume into new product favorability towards new product and eventually resulted in brand’s business growth.