Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C21. Best Launch

The Nreal Live Launch Show 2022, the first Nreal AR glasses’ official exposure to the Chinese market, created an immersive experience to share the selling points with the audiences. With the core idea of #NextReality, the show highlighted how Nreal AR glasses redefine reality NOW with their capabilities and redefine a tangible FUTURE with their potential. Delivered Nreal’s application scenarios to the customers which rapidly increased customers’ curiosity.
Following creative implementation, the show raised attention before the event with teasers and posters, offered an eye-opening brand story, showcased the products with immersive live show design language, created two AI avatars, and launched multiple co-branding cooperation content, and ended with good use of influencers.
The show completed its objective of overcoming the challenges. As a result, Nreal AR glasses sold out shortly after the open sale and successfully raised brand awareness online. The client spoke highly of our creativity and effectiveness.