Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C20. Best Integrated Marketing

In this big world, Malaysians have so much to care about, to care about every little thing brands have to offer. With communications overload and fast food giants taking the crowds with them, we needed a more meaningful engagement beyond ads to get people closer to Subway. Having spent almost 2 years in restrictions, Malaysians were in immense need to explore fresh out-of-home experience and our big subs were just the perfect fit for a memorable adventure that challenges everyday reality. We created Subway Mini World where our footlongs were larger-than-life and the world is pocket-sized; a surrealistic scene built around imagination to delight and thrill sensorial-seeking young and young-at-heart Malaysians. A little novelty experience goes a long way for Subway with the event attracting more than 4,000 participation, generating +1M Word of Mouth and restaurant visits spiking to 1M with 26,000 in-store conversions.