Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C16. Best Gamification

From 3 Sept to 7 Oct, 2022, INDIGO celebrated its 10-year mark with a wide selection of large-scale events, interactive experiences, thematic installations, and bespoke shopping incentives.

In addition to all these, INDIGO also developed and launched a uniquely creative H5 game, ‘A City of Inspirations’, to enhance its brand influence, expand reach, increase engagements, and effectively convert online exposure to in-store traffic and sales.

The theme of this original game coincided with INDIGO’s 10-year anniversary event theme and could be seen as an online extension of its in-store exhibition. It significantly contributed to the mall’s performances and growth in various aspects.

Thanks to the successful gamification, INDIGO’s anniversary event became a milestone and turned a new page in its brand development.