Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C14. Best Experiential Marketing

After COVID, Chengdu’s unoccupied retail space jumped 150% while online shopping grew 30%. The top priority was to pull visitors back to physical malls became in retaining their’ rental value. CDIFS co-created, with the world’s renowned visual artist, the “MELON-VERSE” – an immersive landscape of 200 giant watermelon sculptures that crossed over with CDIFS’ mascot panda and integrated with digital engagement to allow the audience to release their imagination and child-within. The campaign pulled footfall with experience, amplified media exposure with creativity, extended into the blue ocean of metaverse & NFT, attracted repeated purchases via themed activities with tenants & co-op partners, and broadened the sales distribution via omnichannel that expanded its market share beyond the physical mall. Results: 2.3+ million visitors, USD133 million sales, 1,366 media reports earning 188 million views, and its industry’s first partnership with pubs reached 4.6 million customers out of CDIFS’ trade zone.