Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C14. Best Experiential Marketing

Durex, as the latecomer in the ultra-thin condom market, this is a significant challenge to grab the PU condom market shares and distinguish it from the major competitor – Okamoto 001.
So, Durex 001 had to find a strong positioning that leverages on Durex’s premium image and

Using experiential marketing is our strategy for brand repositioning. This campaign is designed to deliver a holistic luxury lifestyle experience in the aspect of fashion, gastronomy, living and commuting, collaborated with different business parties, such as Arca Hotel, Arca Society, Handsome Barbershop, bringing the luxury service from these brands to let consumers aware, feel and experience Durex 001 product’s position – extremely premium.

By positioning Durex 001 as a luxury product and a symbol of a finer lifestyle, Durex have redefined and strengthened itself as No.1 in the condom category in Hong Kong.