Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C12. Best Engaging Event

70% of people in Taiwan are troubled by sensitive teeth, but only 35% of them choose desensitizing toothpaste.
Sensodyne has credible awareness in Taiwan, but, a lot of people still don’t consider sensitive teeth a major issue. Our main objective is how to create buzz and generate momentum for people to start treating their sensitive teeth.

Sensodyne presents both medical professional and de-sensitive tooth expert images which provide an impression of “for serious sensitive teeth only”. Sensodyne is looking for ways to educate potential audiences about the early treatment of sensitive teeth by creating a real-life experience event.

Sensodyne co-branded with Taiwan’s famous ice cream store NINAO Gelato and tailor-made ice cream flavor with yogurt and berry to allow audiences to feel the icy and sour, the tailor-made ice cream flavor cause consumer sensitive teeth to panic and push them forward to consider the sensitive issues.