Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C11. Best Digital Experience

Amidst the pandemic, consumer behavior shifted, and live brand experiences pivoted into an oversaturated online space. So, when Magnum wanted to stand out and engage Singaporeans for the launch of its most decadent ice cream to date, how did we overcome this challenge and exceed industry engagement standards of 2.5 minutes per online session by 260%?

We tapped into a universal human truth—we all dream of a more luxurious lifestyle—and created the Magnum Pleasure Auction: a 2-week, live, 24/7, luxury auction mobile game where players could complete in-game missions, take on social challenges, engage with our campaign influencers, and even purchase ice cream to earn Magnum Gold Coins, and in turn, use them to bid on over 2,000 limited-edition swag. How did we do? Over half a million brand interactions, 2.5 billion coins spent on bids, and Magnum became the number 1 ice cream in Singapore!