Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C10. Best Creative Idea

Link’s Tuen Mun Malls made a splash with their forward-thinking “Tuen Mun Adventure” campaign. This year, the captivating initiative offered customers an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience by transforming malls into incredible destinations of shopping, entertainment, and exploration, providing an exciting opportunity for urbanites to escape from city life. A variety of 3+2 “light travel” itineraries were launched, ranging from hiking routes featuring stunning natural scenes to biking tours that take participants through nostalgic local history and historical architecture gems. With a series of novel happenings such as the Coffee Workshop, Mobile Bike Market, Yama Style Bazaar, hipsters gathered to revel in a whole new outlook on Tuen Mun. With novel thrilling experiences and entertainment, customers flocked to the iconic destinations seeking remarkable moments unlike any other.