Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C35. Best Virtual Event Experience

CP Bologna started off with the seamless experience marketing campaign collaborated with Mew Suppasit the rising star who has fans from around the world. The product and the presenter are promoted through the key message ‘CP Bologna is a must for party’(drinkers). Then the integrate marketing plans were well executed from Offline (TVC, Billboard) to online (Video Ads, PR and KOLS) to create a massive awareness before ended the campaign using the most worthy tool to throw a party for the presenter’s fans around the world. In addition, the biggest fan meeting in the world on Metaverse where all the fans can enjoy its customized experience with each other and also with their idol throughout the metaverse space.

– 3,000 exclusive fan meeting seats were fully booked in 2 hours

– No.1 Twitter trends in 3 countries

– No.3 Worldwide Twitter trends

– The product sales reached the highest number of its sales history