Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C34. Best Use of Technology

We were commissioned by Let’s Go Expo 2025 to create and perform a drone light show at the future 2025 World Expo Site in Osaka, Japan, celebrating the 3 year countdown to Expo 2025. Consisting of 800 drones, it was one of the largest drone shows Japan has ever seen and the first ever performance in Japan to combine drones and fireworks in the sky together.

Encompassing the theme of the Expo, the choreography of the show was designed to celebrate diverse forms of life. Formations displayed include a majestic whale leaping from waves, an animated Kabuki mask in motion and a huge scannable QR code – enabling direct audience interaction. The groundbreaking event combined creative storytelling and newly developed RTK technology to elevate the theme of the Expo high in the sky, attracting around 15,000 in-person spectators and many more across the world watching the live stream.