Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C33. Best Use of Influencer

BCA is the biggest transactional bank in Indonesia, well known for its excellent services. Therefore, people became eager to organically post or tweet their appreciation towards the brand. It soon becomes an online phenomenon where BCA tops the trending topic multiple times. Because of this, BCA wants to thank them in a ‘sincere’ way.

Thus, this campaign turns the customers’ tweets into a song that highlights their kindness through a collaboration with TULUS–the nation’s most loved singer & songwriter who represents sincerity and has a heartwarming image. Not only that, his name literally means sincere in Bahasa–a perfect double meaning that can only happen in Indonesia. The special song appears on digital, as a 7-minute film, anamorphic billboard in the heart of Jakarta, as well as a singing AR along with personalised OOHs widely spread across Indonesia.