Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C33. Best Use of Influencer

The T.O.P. x Mr n Mrs Moon Super Chill Luxury Tour captured the imagination of Gen Z and millennial customers by bringing the sensational viral characters to life from the summer season up to the Mid-Autumn Festival. During a time when travelling anywhere abroad was near impossible, the mall worked with social media phenomenon Mr n Mrs Moon to create impressive installations and offerings that provided an outlet for young patrons to chill and have a great time.
Leveraging the popularity of the characters and their social media savvy fans, the event created a viral effect through enormous engagement by encouraging organic user-generated content. Through the event, the mall solidified its status as a local trendsetting destination in an ultra-competitive region, and sprung its social media presence to life, growing by over 33% with 100% positive engagements. Simply put, the campaign put the mall on the map.