Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C28. Best Retail/Mall/Pop Up Event

A decade after opening its door, INDIGO turned a new page with its 10-year anniversary event, ‘Inspiration at Every Turn’ (3 Sept – 7 Oct, 2022), launching a new chapter for the brand.

Led with a debut art exhibition in northern China featuring 10 artists from around the world, INDIGO’s landmark event introduced world-class creativity into everyday life and portrayed ordinary experiences in extraordinary ways.

This uniquely creative experience was further enhanced with interactive lighting, mall-wide thematic installations, shopping incentives, PR events, limited edition gift shop, and a comprehensive O2O strategy featuring an original and highly engaging H5 game.

This celebration event became a milestone for INDIGO’s brand development, both supporting and showcasing its evolvement from a regional mall to a destination mall, targeting young and fashionable shoppers in and beyond the whole city of Beijing.