Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C03. Best Brand Activation

Durex, as the latecomer in the ultra-thin condom market, this is a significant challenge to grab the PU condom market shares and distinguish it from the major competitor – Okamoto 001.
So, Durex 001 had to find a strong positioning that leverages on Durex’s premium image and

Durex 001 campaign is designed to deliver a holistic luxury lifestyle experience to consumers, collaborating with various 3rd parties such as Arca Hotel, Arca Society, Handsome Barbershop to create Hong Kong first-ever crossover that brings up the trendiest, coolest, luxurious experiments to audiences.

By positioning Durex 001 as a luxury product and a symbol of a finer lifestyle, Durex have redefined and strengthened itself as No.1 in the condom category in Hong Kong.