Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C34. Best Use of Technology

“Yahoo DSP summit is to promote our cookieless total solution. The theme “”Fearless Marketing”” comes from the cookieless crisis and COVID threat. This event includes 50-min DSP/cookieless speeches and a 20-min charity concert for the disadvantaged affected by COVID.

We used virtual production 2.0 to create this immersive virtual event. Yahoo TV is the first to use this technology to create AR + Simulation to shoot environment and it’s without any post production efforts. Everything can be revised concurrently and confirmed on site while shooting. The concept “”Fearless”” was interpreted by the perfect sync between the LED background and AR objects.

After the summit, 94.3% of attendees agree Yahoo TV is leading in advanced AR production and 94% of them would like to increase Yahoo DSP solutions spending. “ Yahoo shows unparalleled ambition in immersive technology ” Chris Chen, the CMO from ezTravel said.”