Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C30. Best Sports Event

“TKO Spot ‘I Don’t Wanna Move Sports Day’ from was held with a heavy focus on utilizing and promoting TKO Spot-field. Co-hosted with the mall’s anchor tenant Decathlon under a strategic partnership, the event took the format of a series of sports challenge that is free to enter for customers with the promise of a cash vouchers for successful participants.
Pooling resources – from venue space, equipment and manpower to invite lists, KOL networks and promotion channels – with an array of partners, the event achieved enormous success on multiple levels. First, the event attracted record number of visitors and sales for the mall during event period. Second, it managed to introduce TKO Spot-field to audiences both within and outside the TKO area, helping it become a top-of-mind destination. Finally, the event through edgy and on-theme digital content creation and engagement with KOLs, created value for TKO Spot-field in long.”