“With an aim to increase brand awareness among the younger generation, Blue Girl Beer reached out to G.E.M. to be the first-ever brand ambassador, a mandopop diva. With a market full of different beer brands, the campaign has the biggest challenge of engaging with the young consumers.

To this end, the brand has created a dedicated Blue Girl Music Art Space, featuring the celebrity’s music video scenes, accompanied with a comprehensive communication strategy: partnering with mainstream music media with high exposure; communicating on social media such as TikTok, WeChat and Weibo; highlighting “”immersive experience””, “marking the arrival”” and “same style as the star” as appeals to the youth; designing exclusive interviews for the celebrity to create a buzz for entertainment, making sure the young followers feel connected and enhancing their loyalty to the brand.

The total exposure of the event reached 110 million, exceeding the KPI by 13%.”