Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C25. Best Outdoor Event

“Square Mile Association aims to promote Square Mile as a new landmark that fuses modern and traditional culture.

Dragon Boat Racing is one of cultural activities in Hong Kong and further recognised as a renowned international sport. However, due to COVID-19, tradition Dragon Boat Racing has been cancelled. Square Mile Association wish to continue the team spirit of “HK Dragon Boat” in this difficult time by organising Dragon Boat Racing on Land in new format at Square Mile.

This Dragon Boat on Land is the first of its kind activity in HK. We modified a Dragon Boat with wheels, converted street into a racing track and modified the final round to tug-of-war to fit the street conditions. The race attracted various dragon boat communities to participate. To celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with public, the race was live-streaming. It gained massive media coverage not only in HK, but also in China.”