Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C20. Best Integrated Marketing

“As a brand over-200-year-old, Johnnie Walker aimed at achieving rejuvenation,renewing the definition of its slogan “Keep Walking” as “those that take bold, boundary-pushing actions, that make life richer for all”. It’s crucial to relaunch “”Keep Walking” with local relevancy to communicate with Chinese young consumers, achieving the global brand rejuvenation.
We discovered the resonance between the redefinition of “Keep Walking” and the spirit of skateboarding, one of the trendiest cultural groups among Chinese young generation, turned the iconic “Striding Man” image into a “Skater Man” for the first time and created the concept – “Keep Walking with No Limits”. We held an outdoor skateboarding party and launched online storytelling across channels including Weibo, WeChat and TikTok, encouraging the young to “Keep Walking with No Limits” on board and raise the glass of JWBL off board. The campaign revived and made it a trend-setter once again loved by Chinese young generation.”