Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C09. Best Cost-Effective Event

“The pandemic shut border and most National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) in Japan kept a relatively low profile. The Singapore Tourism Board(STB)’s Japan office to ride on the 55th year of establishment of diplomatic relationship between Singapore and Japan and embarked on an aggressive marketing strategy to grow our market share. STB’s strategy of “Bringing Singapore to Japan”” and “Food Diplomacy” to sustain top-of-mind recall for destination Singapore was a resounding success.
STB partnered Singapore Ambassador to Japan and Seijo Ishii, a premium supermarket chain to develop a series of Singapore-inspired bento sold in 190 outlets Japan-wide. The Singapore Fair was marketing through a series of creative marketing and PR activities, including organic documentary-style broadcast exclusives. More than 500,000 Singapore items were sold in the one-month fair with outstanding media coverage worth at least SGD2million with under SGD30,000 investment.”