Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C06. Best Business Solution

“Our brief focused on two aspect: Build brand awareness and increase digital presence. Competing with several brands vying for attention and a limited time slot at CES, we were tasked to showcase TCL’s wide range of products and innovations in the most creative, concise and captivating way.

With experience of users at the core across all TCL innovations and products, we devised “Experience More” as our strategic approach for the digital showcase. In a literal manner, we did what no other brands did by amplifying the entire virtual viewing experience through a unique setup that involved a complex generation and coordination of creative content and technology tailored specifically for this epic showcase.

We pushed the creative and production boundaries at CES 2021, with a refreshing technique that featured a dual screen backdrop and integration of augmented reality which were all specifically crafted to captivate and educate the viewer.”