Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C03. Best Brand Activation

The Financial Fitness Index 2021 guidebook by OCBC NISP and NielsenIQ showed that 85.6% of Indonesia’s younger generation were financially “unhealthy”. Despite 46% of the respondents were confident they had a solid financial plan, only 16% had an emergency fund and only 3% had investment products. In short, most young people dreamed of being rich someday, but didn’t think about how to get there.

In 2021, OCBC NISP released a major update of its mobile banking application, ONe Mobile. The features were designed to help customers not only to do transactions, but also to grow their money. For the app’s official relaunch, OCBC NISP hosted a 1-day comedy festival, presenting stand up comedians who talk about money through standup comedy, roasting, improv and podcast formats. The issues discussed was relevant, relatable financial and economic issues. “You might have many problems, but ONe Mobile has even more solutions for you.”