Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C01. Best Arts & Cultural Event

“Our China Story is a comprehensive multimedia channel that sheds light on the astonishing achievement of modern China. “Modern China in 90 seconds” aims to gather Hong Kong people, change people misperception of China, and foster public’s understanding on modern China.
The campaign was a profound success, generating high awareness and effectively engaging target audiences from different segments. OCS identify the niche position of using story telling approach to advocate arts and culture of modern China in an interesting way. Using differentiated segmentation marketing strategy, the messages were communicated to different groups with increased relevancy.
120 consecutive daily tv episodes were broadcasted. Focusing on 3”I”s, i.e. informative, interesting and inspiring, content was quick but compact to attract eyeball and deliver impactful message in 90 seconds. Traditional advertising, social media platform and exhibition with extensive compact content were well integrated to elevate audiences’ overall experience.”