Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C32. Best Virtual Event Experience

The show must go on for the League of Legends (LPL) 9th anniversary amid the global pandemic in 2020. The bold solution: pivot the large e-sport gaming festival (or competition) to a fully virtual event while seamlessly integrating physical and virtual elements to create a top-tier experience for players and fans alike across China and globally.

Via Augmented Reality, the opening ceremony saw EZ and Lux, two key game characters, accompanied by a live 100-piece orchestra deliver a stunning theatrical performance. LED light spheres brought the environment to life with a symphony of lights that were creatively used in place of a live audience.

The pulsating battle amongst the teams for a spot at the World Championship, coupled with a celebrity match led by Jay Chou and Karry Wang, and online lucky draw sessions successfully exceeded all expectations on viewership and engagement rates.”