Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C32. Best Virtual Event Experience

When Covid hit, Porsche canceled its Taycan China national launch event, alongside the China Auto Show. As China is Taycan’s biggest market, we had to get the message out there about Taycan.

So in five weeks we created a 60-minute online show: Taycan Show.

The magazine show was packed with different sets, influencers and interactive moments. We shot it all in the Porsche Experience Centre, as all recording studios were in lockdown…

We focused on Individualization with an influencer discussing the interiors and colors; Charging speed with a LEGO Master competing with the battery charge speed; E-performance with a virtual race against a Cheetah; and Motorsports with a racing driver out on the track.

With other car brands doing car-reveal launches in front of screens, we did it differently, and made it fun. The show had over 50 million views, and 2.4 million unique viewers on the night.