Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C32. Best Virtual Event Experience

By creatively exploiting its virtual format, Christmas Town was able to offer an experience that stood on its own terms, lifting the spirits of thousands of local and overseas people during a year overshadowed by COVID-19.

As well as echoing the hallmarks of its physical predecessors – including with photo-realistic scenery of Statue Square and a towering Christmas tree in the business hub of Hong Kong – the virtual Town combined sophisticated 3D animation, a 360-degree viewing experience, user-friendliness and a rich palette of activities to immerse participants in a merry celebration of the season.

Standout elements included storytelling and tour narration by Uncle Siu, a locally renowned English educator, fun-filled DIY handicraft tips, an on-demand Christmas music selection by famed Hong Kong artists, and collectible and shareable themed WhatsApp stickers by leading local illustrators that helped connect loved ones no matter where they were.