Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C31. Best Use of Technology

Among all B2B marketing tools, the most effective was the face-to-face with clients type of direct “physical event”. After the Covid-19 pandemic, quarantine has become the “new normal”. This change will definitely have a serious impact on the effect of Event Marketing.

However, DSP summit had to be held during the pandemic. DSP and XR are 2 key pillars of Verizon Media solutions. Using XR technology to tell DSP stories would benefit both sides. So Verizon Media Taiwan built the first immersive seminar – a large-scale “programmatic buying” DSP product launch event for advertisers and media agencies. With face recognition, motion capture, 3D virtual stage and unity virtual camera, we use the technology to catch clients’ attention. 92%+ attendees would like to adopt our immersive & DSP solutions in the future.

“The most practical and fascinating live seminar this year.” by Fion Hsu, Head of Digital, OMG Taiwan