Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C30. Best Use of Influencer

FWD North Pole Marathon 2020 #MyCoolestFace campaign succeeded in building intrigue in FWD brand values, and in encouraging the public putting on their coolest faces braving through the pandemic. The campaign and its contents showcase FWD’s brand core values – proactive, open, committed, innovative and caring. We adapted along the way as the pandemic develops, and pushed to maximise all social channels by creating engaging and branded content for interactions.

FWD innovatively brought the North Pole race to everyone’s mobile phones, while influencers including Annie Liu, Andy Leung, Hard Tsui and Fai Wong also encouraged the public putting on their coolest faces with the branded filter amid the global challenge. This turnaround experience truly demonstrated FWD’s brand philosophy – living life to its fullest especially when the going gets tough.