Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C30. Best Use of Influencer

Link launched the online-to-offline ‘Happy Mind, Rewarding Life’ campaign to boost consumer sentiment hard-hit by COVID-19 via the trending local tourism, with a view to promoting positivity while bringing up sales for selected shopping centres. 10 attractions, shortlisted by TripAdvisor, were tied in with Link shopping centres in the vicinity for a much needed around-the-town getaway.

Famous influencers were tapped as the key engagement factor to drive the campaign by sparking interaction on a virtual community, with contents that inspired the locals, images that whetted their appetite for a real-life exploration, and social media challenges that engage them in reconnecting with each other and the city, physically and virtually, in times of social distancing.

A charitable reward programme was in place to drive positive feedback towards the campaign, the brand image and the sales. The campaign was a successful influencer-driven event that captured the pulse of our time.