Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C29. Best Trade Show / Exhibition / Conference

After Covid-19 pandemic was controlled in China,“CHRISTIAN DIOR : DESIGNER OF DREAMS”” exhibition opened at the Long Museum West Bund, Shanghai. This was the first time Christine Dior has presented its brand history and brand culture in such a detailed and thorough way in front of the public in China.

We cooperated with CHRISTIAN DIOR and Nathalie Crinière | Agence NC to present the exhibition. There are 13 areas with different themes, with 275 Haute Couture dresses, and showcasing 8 Chinese artists works such as Yan Peiming and Gao Weigang. The collection displays the iconic works of Dior over the past 70 years and tells the story of the legendary Haute Couture house, which have attracted an average of 2,000-2,500 visitors every day, and all media platforms click rate related to this exhibition have been exceed 780 million times.