Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C25. Best Retail / Mall / Pop Up Event

Shopping mall visits were only 20% even after COVID lock down. CQIFS’s “Keep Smiling” campaign boosted recovery with scarcity marketing – 1) China’s debut of smiling emoticon installations and unique AR experience to pull in traffic; 2) themed touch points and activities to reenergize the public for repeat visits; and 3) launched limited edition merchandize to stir online purchase and brought foot traffic back with in-mall pick-up.

CQIFS cleverly joint hands with the government, mall’s tenants and international brands to leverage on their influence to amplify the noise and penetrated further into different customer segments.

Results: 865% sales growth vs pre-campaign, total sales grew 173% vs year-ago before COVID, 1,137% growth in members, 217% growth of members’ spending, reported by 310+ domestic & overseas media with 50+ million views, total brand mentions in Baidu (China search engine) exceeded 5.5 million.