Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C22. Best Outdoor Event

“Go Beyond” SUV journey is one of the 3 biggest customer experience platform since 2014,had provided tremendous SUV products experience to the customers. In 2020, we came to Gansu province to launch new Mercedes-Benz G 350 SUV at kick-off night, followed by a 7 days and 1888km test drive journey.

In such a special outdoor venue, designers leverage the “silk road story” and beauty of the nature to create a unique space design.From Bazzar-like mingle area, staging effect, program to performance. With the considerate Hospitality Service Program, every guest enjoyed unique driving experience from 2020 Mercedes-Benz SUV journey.

Cooperated with Tencent, Bloomberg Business week, and China National Geography to create a brand IP exclusively for MB SUV family.

This campaign enhanced the clear positioning and keep sharpening the image of MB SUV family as well as strengthen the recognition of SUV lineup.