Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C18. Best Integrated Marketing

Young people have low interest in financial & investment. Now, a lot of them felt the economic blow from the pandemic, because most didn’t have financial safety net. #Save20 by Nyala OCBC NISP campaign movement have a sole mission: to help the youth build good financial habit by automatically saving or investing their money from as low as IDR 20k per day. Why IDR 20k? Because it is the amount that is often underestimated and overlooked, but can bring a great impact if saved routinely every day.

OCBC NISP utilized famous influencers to start the buzz and create conversation in social media, from controversial, tone-deaf statement from a public figure as a teaser, the big reveal by “hijacking” the biggest newspaper in Indonesia, to fun TikTok challenge where young people can show off their creativity while spreading the campaign’s message to their peers.