Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C16. Best Health & Wellness Event (NEW)

The Quayside (TQS) is a new, environmentally friendly smart commercial building situated at Kowloon East CBD2 with a design that emphasises the wellbeing of the workforce, greenness and sustainability. To welcome the returning workforce to TQS and power them with positive energy in the wake of the 3rd wave of pandemic and the 2-month confinement in home office, TQS envisions the Happy Formula campaign with scientific supports, translating 4 intangible Happy Hormones into tangible and physical activities to enhance happiness among the workforce while cultivating in them an all-round wellness in terms of body, mind and spirit.

The campaign succeeds in delivering the health and wellness message to the workforce as well as boosting happiness. The idea of a happy workplace is also well received among tenants and commuters, creating in them a sense of community.