Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C12. Best Event Production

YouTube Brandcast Delivered was reimagined from a single-day, physical B2B marquee event into a six-week client engagement program, that scaled across 6 markets. Picking up on YouTube’s brand proposition of “Massively Personal”, the brand provided a first-of-its-kind B2B experience that would see viewers become directors of their own adventure to find the YouTube that they never knew they’d love.

Using a proprietary video-stitching technology, we enabled six local shows that put personalisation at the core, which differentiated Brandcast Delivered. With 18,535 unique video segments to generate 3,100 personalised films. viewers felt like the show was made exclusively for them. Multiple touch points – including event website, media content drumbeat, personalized viewing kits and creator-influencers – were activated to deliver content that addressed client challenges and cultivated brand affinity.

Despite the pandemic, our brand reached more clients and partners this year than ever before, and increased their intent to spend.