Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C10. Best Creative Idea

The most creative ideas are not necessarily the most eye-catching or the most expensive. On the contrary, ideas that dive into the heart of the matter, address the key challenges, and meet business objectives amid tight budgets and/or restrictions are truly the most ingenious.

Stressed or Blessed is a campaign that did just that.

With COVID-19 forcing lockdowns and work-from-home arrangements across Singapore in the 2nd quarter of 2020, digital fatigue had set in very quickly and businesses needed to find innovative ways to stay engaged with their clients and prospects beyond the standard emails, webinars and more.

This creative virtual campaign placed the focus squarely on the audiences’ mental well-being whilst spotlighting our capabilities in a subtle manner. The campaign delivered on all fronts, exceeding the main KPI with zero media dollars spent, and offered fresh inspiration as to how virtual events can be executed creatively and differently.