Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C10. Best Creative Idea

Dell Technologies just releases its new generation of flagship notebook, Latitude 9510 which can greatly improve the experience of remote work. In 2020, remote work has become the most urgent need for both enterprises and their employees, so Dell needs an impactful approach to officially launch the new notebook to market.

We came up with the initiative, Ace vs Ace: 24-HOUR MOBILE OFFICE CHALLENGE! We decided to make the online launch a reality show, to reveal Latitude 9510’s multiple advanced features designed for remote work in real-time.

A Latitude 9510 was used in a moving Tesla Model X to finish multiple mobile working missions, it successfully addressed various challenges. During the test, the unimaginable features of Latitude 9510 were compared against Tesla Model X, this helped the customers understand how cutting edge it is and realize that Latitude 9510 was a great choice for their remote work.