Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C09. Best Cost-Effective Event (NEW)

The FairPrice Partners Excellence Awards was launched in 2014 to honour exemplary strategic partners who have supported and participated in our product marketing and promotion initiatives to provide best value for our customers. We endeavoured to recognize their relentless support via a physical gala event in 2019. With the pandemic’s partial lockdown, we transformed the physical event to a virtual one where we gave out 150 awards in 5 categories layered with virtual photo booth, engaging quiz and lucky draw.

The virtual event recorded an astounding attendance of 1,000 participants which is 1.8 times more than the previous event. Leveraging on the event’s success, we launched a consumer facing campaign focused on delivering these partners’ valued buys via an omni-channel campaign across print, digital, radio and in-store. Our efforts for the virtual event in 2020 recorded 80% attendance satisfaction, 21% sales uplift and a monetisation collection of $1.8M.