Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C08. Best Corporate Event

We were engaged to help repurpose YouTube’s flagship in-person B2B event into a fully customized online experience personalized at scale, reinforcing the brand’s core message that YouTube is massively personal. The event was run across 6 South-East Asian countries concurrently, and needed to feel localized and relevant to each market.

We built a registration website that put each guest in control of their Brandcast journey, with the ability to select relevant and engaging content to be delivered to them in a completely customized show. We produced, shot and edited hundreds of unique, modular video segments, and created digital stitching technology that allowed us to choose from over 18,000 possible combinations to create a personalised video for each guest, down to their choice of YouTube creator host and music preferences. Additionally, we produced customized post-event websites for every country, and designed hundreds of physical and electronic marketing assets.