Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C07. Best Content Marketing (NEW)

In early 2020, pandemic strikes. In addition to health concerns, it also causes a financial and economic crisis.

Seeing the pressing need for good financial planning, OCBC NISP creates four main programs as part of TAYTB Financial EduSeries, each adopting a different approach to deliver the message to wider range of audience.

TAYTB Live Talks, a live program on Instagram TV where financial experts and content creators discuss insightful topics.

TAYTB Live Stream Fest, a virtual festival to encourage young people to stay at home with 100+ inspirative, entertaining sessions for their financial, physical, and mental health.

“Sepuluh Meter” (Ten Meters) short movie, reminding people to have a positive mindset during challenging times.

TAYTB Show, a ariety show format to educate through fun talks and inspiring stories from Indonesian influencers and celebrities.

*TAYTB: Tidak Ada Yang Tidak Bisa / No Such Thing As Can’t, the brand spirit of OCBC NISP.