Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C07. Best Content Marketing (NEW)

Dairy Farm needed to create an engagement programme across all our brands and deliver a mobile first and relevant retail customer experience – yuu Rewards Club, with our brand promise: ‘More Places. More Rewards. Faster.’. We needed a campaign to communicate how the programme give customers even better value in their everyday shopping.

We took Billy Joel’s classic, Uptown Girl – and updated it into the ‘yuu Rewards’ brand song with a music video. We ran the campaign and the yuu song everywhere: across digital, social, outdoor and retail stores, creating a brand with a simple call-to-action: Download the App and sign up for yuu today.

Our multi-channel launch gained near-universal recognition of the yuu brand name and millions of app downloads in just four weeks and created a unique and memorable brand name with millions of HKers taking action to engage with the yuu brand and our Partners.