Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C07. Best Content Marketing (NEW)

At the height of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period, Muslims across the country faced an unprecedented challenge that would test their faith and resolve to its limits—observing the Ramadan fasting month, amidst stringent movement restrictions imposed to curb the COVID-19 spread.

We recognised the insurmountable stress this placed on our Muslim staff, who resolved to continue working the front lines as essential service workers, dealing with panic buyers, difficult customers and resultant longer hours.

To show that we understood the strenuous implications of the situation our Muslim staff and customers were facing, we created an emotive, consumer-first campaign that showed empathy and appreciation to our Malay/Muslim frontliners during the fasting month period of 2020.

These stories not only highlighted the struggles but allowed a glimpse into our Ramadan frontliners’ resolves and silver linings to bring a sense of HOPE back to the community.