Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C04. Best Brand Experience - B2B

The Archibald Prize is Australia’s biggest art exhibition, with 99 years of history and endless stories untold. Even if you get the chance to attend the exhibition in Sydney, you’ll never know its secrets.

For professional services provider and major arts supporter, Ernst & Young (EY), exhibitions like this are an opportunity to build connections with current and prospective C-suite clients, by giving them unrivaled early access to the show.

But with art galleries closed during the global pandemic, EY needed a new way to capture their attention.

Working in partnership with the Art Gallery of New South Wales, we created the Secrets of the Archibald Prize – an event that re-framed how audiences experience exhibition previews.

Using the power of virtual, we pulled back the canvas and gave EY’s clients and their families the opportunity to discover the secrets behind the works, hear directly from artists and much more.