Award: CAMPAIGN CATEGORIES \ C03. Best Brand Activation

Double 11 has become an increasingly difficult time for brands to differentiate themselves from competitors. Pop-Up event is amongst the most crowded field in experiential marketing. L’Oréal Paris wanted a real brand activation event. One that builds on the 2019 Maison L’Oréal Paris concept and engages specifically with a 2020 experience-deprived Shanghai audience.

To achieve this, we built a Parisian Maison at one of the most cultured locations in Shanghai. We took the guests on an immersive journey from Paris to Shanghai, in which they actively participate in offline and online missions. They took on the roles of beauty delivery persons, located a lost order, went on a truck ride through Paris, a cross-continent train ride and a bicycle ride across Shanghai. At last, they arrived at live-streaming broadcast studios; they joined the Maison L’Oréal Paris online activation by dueting celebrities. The result was one stand-out activation of double 11.